Crabble Limericks Looming – Sorry

OK, it wouldn’t make a good headline for The Sun or The National Enquirer, but we are just telling it like it is.  “Mr Crabble’s Heroic Limericks for Reckless Boys and Girls” will be with us any day now, honest.  It has been reviewed internally, disapproved of, returned to Crabble, Crabble has explained he “doesn’t give a monkey’s armpit what we think of it; we publish or he’ll do that thing with the trumpet again”, and there we are.

We have tried to delay publication by faffing about with the cover.  Design consultancy Mango Dave said they won’t touch any of the photos that Crabble sent of himself and one of their designers, having been shown the photos without due warning, is now shaking too much to do any work, but that has only given us a couple of days to play with.

We can’t publish it over the weekend or Monday as Crabble has explained, “I’m going to the zoo so you can’t put it out then” (?) so Tuesday looks like it will now be the release date unless we can persuade a judge to ban it.

Caustic Cat would like to thank you for your forbearance, patience, sympathy and prayers.

Have a good weekend and try not to think about it.

Caustic Cat


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