Toward the Heart of Counselling

Author: Tim Hooper

Release date: October 2015

Price: £0.99/$0.99/€0.99

Available from:

Summary: For counselling students, the move from classroom theory to placements with real clients is more than just a steep learning curve; it places a huge responsibility upon the shoulders of, as yet, unqualified students. However, our clients expect us to be able to help them. The change from student to practitioner could not be more acute.

In “Toward the Heart of Counselling” Tim Hooper focuses on this transition through the use of reflective writing and real life examples to examine a number of counselling issues that will rapidly come to the attention of humanistic counselling students.

While this book is not intended to be a substitute for supervision, it will provide a thought-provoking challenge to placement students everywhere and hopefully stimulate an internal discussion about how exactly they want to practice themselves. For those outside of the counselling community it provides a fascinating insight not only into the issues that counsellors face, but also to the way our own actions can impact on others.


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