Multiple Regression is here – let joy know no limits

Yes, we understand.

For months, years in fact, we have been promising you Neil Scott’s “I’m not afraid of multiple regression”.

We got you excited, made promises, painted pictures of a more colourful world where advanced statistics texts were available to people who weren’t frantically stimulated by the idea of statistics.

And then…..


But now EVERYTHING has changed. (We could go on like this for hours and, without those restraining us, probably would, but let’s get to the point.)

I’m not afraid of Multiple Regression has been released. It is available NOW for you, your family and friends. And it is even better than you thought it was going to be (which we are guessing is quite an achievement).


Because it has pictures! Not just graphs and tables which are sort of pictures – we wouldn’t do that to you. Not for the honourable folk at Caustic Cat a vague promise of images and then some devious legerdemain and we plop a black and white frequency diagram in front of you. No, that is not our way. When we say ‘pictures’ we mean ‘pictures’. People, bicycles, even a cat. If that alone doesn’t make this the most exciting statistics book ever published, then I’m not sure what is going to get you on board.

So, where can you get it, how much does it cost, are there communities growing up around the world where you can get together with like-minded individuals to discuss this wondrous new tome? Well….

Where can you get it – on Amazon at To be honest it is just as easy to go to Amazon and type in ‘I’m not afraid of multiple regression’ but we don’t need to tell you that. (But we did! The “I’m not afraid of statistics” series is nothing if not patronising.)

How much? It is a meagre $4.99 which is currently just over £4 or just under €4.60. Less than the price of a new Volkswagen. Not bad, eh? Or with Kindle Unlimited you can get it for free, which we think is too cheap, but what can you do?

Local ‘I’m not afraid of multiple regression’ discussion groups? Well, no, not yet. But you could start one?

Anyway, time to calm down and go and get your book. And remember, it makes the perfect gift for a loved one. (OK, it doesn’t make the perfect gift for a loved one. Don’t do that. Don’t buy it as a gift. Nothing good will come of that.)

And remember, just because “I’m not afraid of multiple regression” is out, it doesn’t mean you can’t cosy up with a copy of its sister volume, “I’m not afraid of logistic regression”.

Have a splendid day. We intend to.

The nice folk at Caustic Cat


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