About Caustic Cat

Welcome to Caustic Cat Publishing. We specialise in e-publishing children’s books as well as adult books on psychology, statistics and, well, who knows what else.

If you want to get in touch with us then try e-mailing books@causticcatpublishing.com.

We aren’t taking on any writers so please don’t make any submissions. If the situation changes we’ll let you know here.

You can buy any or all of our titles at the Amazon Kindle store. You don’t need a Kindle as most devices (like i-pads and PCs) seem to have a Kindle reader built in or available. Clicking on the relevant link against each book should take you to the Kindle store.

Anyway, enough of this. Why not explore our list of current and forthcoming titles.

Our list of current titles……

  • I’m not afraid of Logistic Regression (statistics)
  • Toward the Heart of Counselling
  • Mr Crabble’s dangerous limericks for reckless boys and girls (limericks for children)

Immanent titles include….

  • Nathan and Badger (children’s novel)
  • I’m not afraid of Multiple Regression (statistics)

That was it. The list, that is. But more is immanent.




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