Caustic Cat says, “bye, bye Bowie”

It’s been a day of heavy hearts and aimless wandering around the office for The Caustic Cat as we come to terms with the death of David Bowie.  He never wrote a book on statistics (though if he had it would have been superb) and didn’t produce any stories for children (imagine that; a children’s novel by David Bowie!) but we claim him, like so many others have, as one of our own.

Caustic Cat are unanimous in identifying Hunky Dory as his finest album and Labyrinth as our favourite Bowie film. On songs we differ, but the votes went to:

  • Space Oddity
  • Life on Mars
  • Queen Bitch
  • Blue Jean

The lessons we learned from Bowie today are to take risks, don’t be afraid of failure, play some loud music and eat cake.  (Actually, we didn’t learn all of these lessons from Bowie, but they seem good to us anyway.)

In closing, we note that Tin Machine was a lot better than the critics say, so don’t be put off.

We hope tomorrow will be better than today.


Caustic Cat



One comment

  1. No room her for ‘Letter To Hermione’, ‘Always Crashing In The Same Car’, ‘Ashes To Ashes’, ‘Slow Burn’ nor ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ but that only helps to illustrate the wonder of bowie; all things to all people but different for everyone one of us.

    Something has been torn from the soul.


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