Isn’t it quiet!

Well, it seems that way. Caustic cat promised you the Multiple Regression book (which has been unavoidably delayed by probably quite avoidable things) and some examples of the Logistic Regression book (which we haven’t got around to sorting out yet, what with that big cake arriving and Christmas being terribly exciting).


On the other hand, we haven’t promised you a great deal on the Children’s book front yet still a children’s book is emerging from the mists of unpublishedness into the realisable actuality of publishedness!  (That sentence pioneered the use of the English language and had a nice Hegelian bit in it too so let’s have no carping or whining about what is probably one of the finest blogs you’ll see today.)

Back to the topic in hand.  I know that ‘imminent’ is a word that Caustic Cat bandy around in a rather cavalier fashion, but Morgan Twining’s ‘Nathan and Badger’ (known in some quarters as the ‘eagerly anticipated new Morgan Twining children’s novel ‘Nathan and Badger’) is IMMINENT.

We say it without apology.

Imminent .

Tell your friends. Tell strangers and even tell people you don’t like.  It’s imminent!

On that splendid thought, let’s get back to that cake.

The Caustic Cat


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