Nathan and Badger: The Tribune Scroll

Author: Cameron Twining

Release date: February 2017

Price: £0.99/$0.99/€0.99

A humorous adventure for 8-12 year olds.

When their headmaster hurls 11-year old twins Nathan and Badger into a bottomless pit, it is one of the least surprising moments in a highly eventful day.

The boys find themselves in a very different England to the one they know. Ruled by Queen Victoria IV, it is a place of magic and monsters, clockwork and steam. Charged with retrieving a magical scroll from the Great Blue Forest, the boys set of with the heroic Captain Plum (hurrah!) to confront the dragons and goblins that await them, not to mention space-faring wolfmen, an evil wizard and some rather unusual biscuits.

You can download ‘Nathan and Badger – The Tribune Scrolls’ free here, but not for a little while yet.