Month: September 2019

Nathan and Badger has actually happened!!!!!

For years now we’ve been promising that Morgan Twining’s ‘Nathan and Badger – The Tribune Scroll’ was about to be published. Well it has been, and we are so excited that we have all fallen over and are flailing around on the floor in a joyous frenzy.


OK, a slight word of caution.  We were so keen to get it out that we didn’t bother waiting for the cover to be finished. Instead, we’ve just slapped any old piece of nonsense on it. It looks like a geology test book.  It is so poor we should be ashamed, but we’re not, because we are CAUSTIC CAT and shame is a stranger to us.

But don’t fret. Lose no sleep over this matter because the cover is so almost very nearly here, and it is a cracker, with a dragon and, well, stuff.  We can’t say fairer than that. If we release it and you find there isn’t stuff on it then you would be right to shake your head in disappointment (and we would offer to feel ashamed whilst unfortunately  being unable to deliver for the reasons outline above) but that’s not going to happen. STUFF – we promise.

Sorry, we are wittering. It’s that excitement we told you about.

So, Nathan and Badger? What’s that all about?

It’s about two boys, the Nathan and Badger of the title, who find themselves transported to another London populated by magical creatures, evil schemers, crazed wizards, eccentric inventors and the ever so heroic Captain Plum (hurrah!). Saving the world is a fairly major task for two small boys, but supported by a plentiful supply of crisps and a limited idea of what on earth is going on, our heroes are prepared to have a pretty good stab at it.

Its aimed primarily for 8-14 year olds but we think everybody in the whole human race will enjoy it enormously. (If that doesn’t sound a little over confident?)

But why sit there reading aboutit when you could sit there reading it. (Did you see what we did there?) Go and get the book. Read it. Calm down and then write a review; publish it here, somewhere else, anywhere really.

We’ve run out of breath. Have a lovely week and we’ll talk soon.

Yours joyously

The Caustic Cat