I’m not afraid of statistics

This is a series of entertaining and practical statistics texts for the person who is starting out, revising or just looking for a little bit of reassurance. The books are written in an engaging style by experienced practitioners. They will help you to set up your data, get your results out and interpret them without having to wade through a lot of technical detail and equations. There are practical examples to work through and the data can be accessed free from this site – just click on the relevant link from the menu above.

Whilst the analyses in the texts use IBM’s SPSS® software, there is a wealth of information on how and why you might use the statistics covered for any user.

Current and Planned Titles (with release dates)

Correlation and Regression (July 2016)

Multiple Regression (December 2015)

Logistic Regression (August 2015)

Factor Analysis (April 2016)