Logistic Regression

Author: Dr. Neil Scott

Release date: September 2015

Price $4.99 (around £3.30)

Available at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/not-afraid-Logistic-Regression-introduction-ebook/dp/B015YAO1U0/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1445354278&sr=8-7&keywords=logistic+regression

Summary: This engaging and user-friendly introduction to Logistic Regression is an ideal starting place for those new to the technique as well as being a helpful refresher for those returning to it.   It provides:

  • An introduction to what Logistic Regression is and where it can be applied
  • Detailed walk-throughs of several studies, demonstrating how to set up your data and interpret the output
  • Summaries of the analyses to provide a speedier introduction to interpreting Logistic Regression outputs

Whether you want to gain a better understanding of Logistic Regression analyses reported in journal articles or carry out your own analyses, this book provides a clear and helpful guide with the focus very much on the practical applications of the technique.

IBM’s SPSS™ is used to analyse data from a sequence of fictional studies, the data being available to download in Excel format.

Dr Neil Scott is a Chartered and Registered Occupational Psychologist (HCPC) with a wealth of experience in the application and teaching of statistical techniques to those who don’t find statistics quite as exciting as he does. Specialising in assessment and diversity, Neil has lectured at several UK universities including Goldsmiths College, University of London, and provided statistical consultancy services to a wide range of public and private sector organisations.

Download files – Just click on the files below.  Please note that whilst the studies use IBM’s SPSS™ software, we are not currently able to download them onto this website, so all the files below are Excel files (*.xlsx).  Guidance on how to load these into SPSS is provided in the book. You may not get the labels though e.g. Course will be recorded as ‘1’ or ‘2’ rather than as ‘Business Studies’.  We’re working on that.





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