Caustic Cat has “Egg on Face”

Yes, that’s right, Caustic Cat are looking like ‘right chumps’ after a classic mess up which you will doubtless be able to dine out on for months. A historic moment.

“What happened,” you cry, curiosity mixed with a slight concern for our well-being.

Well, only a couple of days ago we told you that two new books were coming out.  That bit’s fine.  All still going ahead.  The books are Tim Hooper’s “Toward the Heart of Counselling” and (possibly Morgan Twining’s) “Mr Crabble’s Dangerous Limericks for Reckless Boys and Girls” and this remains the case.  However, and here we get the egg-face-interaction-scenario thing; we told you they’d be free.

And we liked the idea.

And you liked the idea.

But then we found we weren’t able to do it free and have to charge $0.99/£0.99/€0.99.  And we are mortified.

We know you may already have gone out and spent that 0.99 on something lovely and are very sorry but we can’t currently see a way around it.  The only consolation is that both books are worth a great deal more than $0.99/£0.99/€0.99 and we hope that once you have forked out your hard cash for one or, maybe, two of them, you will say, “Yes, I did hate Caustic Cat for getting me all excited about a free book and then making me pay for it but I realise now that it was a wonderful way to spend that money and at least that Nice Mr Hooper and that Nice Mr Twining won’t have to eat donated cardboard any more now that they have earned a few pennies from their superior literary talents”.

See, everyone’s happy.

Sort of.


Embarrassed Caustic Cat


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