Logistic AND Multiple Regression?

Yes, not satisfied with having brought you Dr Neil Scott’s well-received “I’m not afraid of Logistic Regression”, we are in the throws of getting his “I’m not afraid of Multiple Regression” ready.

To the uninitiated it may look like he is just going to publish the same book but change one word in the title as a cynical way of making extra cash.  Not so.  Multiple Regression is a very different beast to Logistic Regression (he assures us) and is both easier to get to grips with and more widely used.  Where Logistic Regression is a way of exploring group membership statistically (e.g. ‘how does this group differ from that group?’ and ‘oh look, I can predict which group you are most likely to be in’), Multiple Regression is concerned with scales. Scales like ‘how much people earn’, ‘how tall they are going to be as an adult’, ‘how long they are likely to live’ and ‘how much of this drug is the right amount of this drug (medicinally, not recreationally, you understand)’.  All popular research questions.

Like Logistic Regression, the book is designed to be a friendly and accessible introduction to the statistic, primarily aimed at students ‘and people like them’.  Scheduled for release in December it will include fully worked analyses that you can follow using data available for download from this very site.  Whilst written with users of MS Excel and IBM’s SPSS in mind, it should prove helpful for all those who need to get to grips with Multiple Regression.

Don’t pretend you’re not excited; you’re desperate for this book.

Other than that, have a lovely week.

Caustic Cat


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