A new energised Caustic Cat grabs 2016 by the horns and wrestles it to the ground

Oh yes!

We’ve been away!

But we’re back!!! (A three exclamation mark sentence!)

After a period of prolonged business (being busy, that is), Caustic Cat has pulled on its ‘Energy Trousers’ (that’s ‘Energy Pants’ to our American friends but if you write ‘Energy Pants’ in Britain people will panic as it means ‘Energy Underpants’ but we’re getting horribly distracted here so…..) and are ready to roar in the face of 2016.

Yes, April is a bit late to start roaring in the face of 2016 but, and here’s the important bit, it’s better than doing it in May.  Yes?  Glass half full/glass half empty scenario?  Caustic Cat’s approach is to shout, “we’re going to do something exciting and energised with that half a glass of stuff, don’t bog us down with irrelevant speculations on whether it’s full or empty, though we are inclined towards the full camp etc.”  And yes, we did get distracted again.

However, the point is, and try to focus, because one of us has to, the point is that we are still alive and committed to the overuse of the exclamation mark!!!!!

And statistics texts on Multiple Regression and stories for children etc. etc. etc.  And counselling etc. etc. etc. etc.

Hurrah for Caustic Cat!!!!!!

The Caustic Cat




    1. Thanks Roel – Multiple Regression is well under way and well behind schedule. We’re now hoping to have it before the end of the year (but, you note, we are being a bit cagey about WHICH year).


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