Logistic Regression even more immanent than it used to be!

OK, it was over a week ago that we told you that Neil Scott’s ‘I’m not afraid of Logistic Regression’ e-book was immanent.

Well it was, and still is, only more so.

This book should suit a wide range of Logistic Regression users but the particular soul’s that Neil had in mind when putting it together are the ones who have to use Logistic Regression for a project, dissertation or report and who’d maybe had a lecture or two on it, maybe none, and were feeling a bit unsure about the whole thing.

It’s designed to be helpful, friendly and engaging but to walk you through the relevant details without assuming you are fully at home with all the background you might need.

It doesn’t assume you are clear on what ‘multi-collinearity’ means.

It accepts that ,whilst you may have heard of ‘residuals’, you might not remember off hand exactly what you are meant to do with them.

It even  accepts that you might have to pause and catch your breath for a moment, fighting down a sense of panic, when asked which are your dependent variables and which are the independent.  Sure, we all get comfortable with the distinction after a while, but if you don’t use them regularly then it can sometimes take you a moment to get your head in gear, so all these terms are helpfully covered with the sole view of getting you through your Logistic Regression and maybe even enjoying the process.

However, we do have to draw the line somewhere so if you can’t count past 20 you’re on your own.  This book is not going to get your life sorted. Sorry.

Have a nice weekend and hopefully we’ll be able to announce the book’s release next week.

Yours caringly

Caustic Cat


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