Limericks and Logistic Regression!

We thought you’d be desperate to know that we’ll be publishing two books in the next couple of weeks. One of them, “I’m not afraid of Logistic Regression”, by Dr Neil Scott, is a friendly introduction to a statistical technique widely used in psychology, medicine and the social sciences. We’ll tell you more about it in coming blogs.  Exciting, isn’t it!

However, the first book due for release should appeal to a wider, if less discerning, audience.

“Mr Crabble’s Heroic Limericks for Reckless Boys and Girls” is a short collection of unpleasant limericks ‘for children of all ages’ (that’s a euphemism for ‘children and people really who should have grown up but, rather disappointingly, haven’t’).  To give you an idea of the literary merits and high tone of Mr Crabble’s work, we offer the following as an example:

I’ll have cod and chips if you please,

And no I don’t want mushy peas,

It’s not that their flavour,

Has earned my disfavour,

It’s just that they look like a sneeze.

That should give you an idea of what to expect.  However, on the bright side, it is free (FREE!) so what is there to lose?

Mr Crabble’s excellent tome (described by the author as “an excellent tome”) should be available in the next few days. In the meantime, do try to enjoy yourself (in a considerate and responsible manner, of course).

Phew, glad we remembered to mention that last bit about being responsible.

Caustic Cat


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